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Truck Boys Express Lines

“The ONLY trucking company that works for drivers.”

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Drive for Truck Boys Express Lines

Truck Boys Express Lines is the ONLY trucking company that works for drivers. Our culture values drivers and their families. Our benefits reward excellence and hard work.

Driver Referral Program

Refer another driver to our crew and get a percentage of the profit from their routes and a cash bonus.

Spot Bonuses

Our drivers are rewarded on the spot for their hard work and dedication.

Milestone Bonuses

We offer a lucrative bonus schedule for key driver milestones.

No Forced Dispatch

We will agree on route loads in advance and won’t force you to take on a surprise or unplanned load.

Over-the-Road Routes

Do you like driving long-distance? We’ll assign those routes to you and let you have at it.

Our Drivers

Arrive on time for freight loading.

Communicate clearly to dispatch, shippers, and receivers.

Deliver freight in a timely manner.

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Truck Driver Staffing

With over 38 years of experience in the trucking industry, the crew at Truck Boys Express Lines knows how important truck drivers and trucks are to the supply chain. Truck drivers are key to the last leg of logistics in our national and local economy. That means Companies facing a truck driver staffing problem are also facing a revenue problem. That’s why Truck Boys Express Lines provides quick truck driver staffing in the Carolinas and surrounding states. Don’t let a sudden increase in demand or a workforce shortage impact your bottom line – contact Truck Boys Express Lines TODAY!

Truck driver staffing challenges continue to increase due to an aging workforce, demanding government regulations, and increased market demand. At Truck Boys Express Lines, we believe that our drivers are the most important part of our business. That’s why we use a proprietary and unique compensation structure to lure the best drivers in the industry. We recruit only from a pool of experienced OTR drivers who are able to be on the road for a minimum of two weeks.

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“There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive.”

B. C. Forbes, founder of Forbes Magazine

Client Testimonials

“Truck Boys Express Lines has never let us down. They always deliver on time. Their team also communicates with us regularly so that everyone is on the same page.”

James Williams

Business Owner

“The level of service we get from Truck Boys demonstrates their 40 years of experience in trucking. Excellent communication and timely shipping. What more can you ask?”

Steven Brown

Logistics Director

“We have never had any problems working with Truck Boys Express Lines. Our shipments are always on time.”

Denise Johnson

Shipping Coordinator

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