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What is Website Hosting and Maintenance?

Website hosting is the process of purchasing space online to store a website and all of its files, databases, and software. Hosting relies on hosting providers, servers, and associated connectivity software to work. Fundamentally, it is what allows businesses to have websites that their customers can find.

As the name suggests, website maintenance is the process of maintaining a website and its components. It involves updating software and performing routine checks of website security, backup systems, databases, etc. Maintenance also includes troubleshooting whenever a website experiences technical issues.

Why Web Hosting and Maintenance Matter

In a world where customers increasingly make purchase decisions and even purchase goods and services online, website reliability is essential for most businesses. Downtime can mean lost customers and lost sales. It is important that a website is hosted through a reliable web hosting service provider on quality servers. Preventative website maintenance is just as important because it helps a business avoid unnecessary downtime.

How We Do It

At Twin City Web Solutions, we know that hosting and maintaining a website can be time consuming, especially when something goes wrong. We also know that most small business owners would rather be adding value to their business, instead of spending time hunched over a computer trying to fix their website. That’s why Twin City Web Solutions offers comprehensive website hosting and maintenance plans. We do our best to make sure that you and your customers never notice any downtime.

We also follow best practices in IT management by making sure that you retain ownership of your digital assets, while providing ourselves only with developer access. We believe your website is your intellectual property, even if we help you design it.

Although we offer the following hosting and maintenance plans, we are also happy to work with you on a custom hosting and maintenance agreement.

website hosting & maintenance

Twin City Web Solutions offers comprehensive website hosting and maintenance plans to help small businesses avoid unnecessary downtime.