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What is a Website Development

Website development is the technical process of building a website for the internet. It can include anything from creating a static page with plain text to building an e-commerce store. It is commonly confused with website design, which is about the layout and user interface of a website.

Why it Matters

While web design focuses on the appearance of a website, web development is about the building blocks that allow a website to function on the internet. The time and expertise required for the development process depend on the complexity and functionality of a website. The process could include:

  • Domain level activities, such as buying the domain, changing DNS settings, and more
  • Website hosting and server space
  • Setting up an email exchange server for business email accounts
  • Installing a content management system
  • Building e-commerce capabilities, including a point-of-sale system
  • Installing backend and front-end web security software
  • Setting up automatic website backups
    Other website functions, such as job boards, blogs, social media integrations, among many other possible features
  • Search Engine Optimization setup and integration of the Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Every business has different needs, so every website is different. A website could include some or all of the items listed above. Importantly, some of those items can impact core business operations that affect the bottom line. It is critical that businesses and their web developers take the time to carefully research their needs and create a web development project plan.

How We Do It

At Twin City Web Solutions, we believe in simple, engaging, intuitive, and responsive website designs. All Twin City Web Solutions website designs are responsive to the most commonly used computers, tablets, and smart phones. We want to ensure that customers find your website, have a common, shared experience, and enjoy your website regardless of the device they use to visit your website. After all, your success is our success.

website development

Twin City Web Solutions is mindful of the fact that each of our clients has different needs and requirements for a website. We won’t waste your time – or money – on features and functionality that you don’t need. Instead, we focus on making strategic recommendations that add value to our clients’ websites. Our clients deserve process that works for them.