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What is a Messaging Strategy?

Effective messaging is challenging, which why it is important for small businesses and startups to have a messaging strategy. This type of communication strategy has two main components, the message and how that message is shared. It also involves communication channels, tone, voice, brand character, positioning, and various facets of marketing. In fact, all of this is just a small, but critically important, component of marketing strategy and planning.

Why Messaging Strategies Matter

A brand’s message and how that message is communicated matter. Public relations, brand identity, and brand reputation are functions of messaging. In other words, the message factors into how the brand’s community, customers, and even stakeholders perceive that brand and its products or services. At best, a bad messaging strategy results in a good message delivered poorly, with little impact on the bottom line. At worst, a bad message delivered poorly – or even perfectly – could damage a brand’s reputation along with the bottom line.

How We Do It

At Twin City Web Solutions, we consider ourselves storytellers. We believe that a compelling story in which a brand, product, or service is a hero makes for a good messaging strategy. After all, most small businesses and startups are trying to help their local community. We’ll use a human-centered approach to turn a client’s brand into hero that saves the day for customers or makes life easier. We also consider messaging strategies for website content when it comes to search engine optimization. We believe each word matters, so we don’t believe in creating low effort and low-quality content for the sake of hitting SEO keywords. The message matters, even for SEO focused content. We want human audiences to read your message, not just an SEO algorithm, so we take the time to help clients create high quality SEO content.

messaging strategy

We craft effective messaging strategies and tell compelling stories to make brands community heroes that save the day.