marketing strategy and planning

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What is Marketing Strategy & Planning?

Marketing strategy and marketing planning are pieces of the marketing process that go hand in hand. A marketing strategy is a broad plan for influencing interactions between a business and customers to achieve marketing objectives. Similarly, a marketing plan is written summary of market research, marketing objectives, and direction or coordination of the marketing effort. Simply put, strategies are broad formulas for competing, while a plan lists detailed information and tactics for accomplishing specific goals.

Why Marketing Strategies and Plans Matter

Fundamentally, marketing is a process that adds value to a business and increases the bottom line. Businesses use marketing to create and add value. Developing strategies and plans are key components of that business process.

In marketing, strategies are methods of controlling and utilizing business resources to promote and achieve business objectives. A strategy helps a business create a marketing plan because it controls and dedicates available resources for marketing.

A marketing plan is essentially a written document that provided a wealth of information to a business. It includes summaries of what the business knows about the marketplace. The plan also details objectives and tactics for achieving those objectives. Finally, a marketing plan includes directions and key metrics to coordinate and monitor the success of marketing efforts.

Altogether, strategies and plans are tools that help a business to consistently achieve marketing objectives, such as more customer awareness or increasing sales.

How We Do It

At Twin City Web Solutions, we are passionate about helping our clients succeed. We not only believe that our clients’ success is our success, but that our mutual success benefits the community around us. We believe that successful marketing begins with deep listening and research. We listen to our clients to understand their struggles and we perform market research to understand their customers. From there, we partner with clients to craft a marketing plan that adds value.

marketing strategy and planning

Twin City Web Solutions partners with and listens deeply to clients to craft marketing strategies and plans that create and add value.