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What Is Content Management?

Content management is a service that Twin City Web Solutions provides for small businesses and startups. It is the process of creating, storing, editing, and distributing all of the online digital content for a brand. There is an abundance of platforms for small businesses to keep up with, from social media platforms, to YouTube, to a website. Keeping content for all of these platforms organized and easily accessible requires research, planning, and continuous improvement.

Why Content Management Matters

A brand’s digital content is an essential component to a digital strategy. It is important to keep that content organized and easily accessible so that anyone on the marketing team can access it. A solution for managing content makes it easy to create, store, edit, and distribute content as needed. It can save a business time and money, especially smaller businesses and startups with fewer employees.

How We Do It

Twin City Web Solutions works hard to make content management easy for its clients. We take care of the entire content management process for our clients. Once a client creates new content for distribution on a website or social media platform, we store a copy in the cloud and then distribute the content on the requested platform. Our goal is to save our clients time and frustration.

content management

Twin City Web Solutions provides a content management service that handles the entire process for small business or startup clients.