KWIKR: A Web Design and Messaging Project


KWIKR was a startup at Winston Starts and one of our earliest clients. Their mission was to help local small businesses compete against corporate giants like Amazon or Wal-Mart by providing a SaaS solution for same-day delivery. We provided a fresh website design as well as marketing and messaging strategies.

Marketing and Messaging

We had a unique opportunity to help KWIKR craft their initial marketing and messaging strategies. We provided copy and positioning strategies to guide website copy and planned future advertising and social media posts.

Web Design for KWIKR

After crafting marketing and messaging strategies, we gave the KWIKR website a fresh look. We developed a style guide and added images that fit with the brand character and positioning.

KWIKR Business Operations

We also provided professional services assisting KWIKR with some of its business operations, including SaaS development, ecommerce development, and content management.

“We engaged Twin City Web Solutions because we were unhappy with both the functionality and the messaging on our website. They listened and then worked with us to improve functionality and aesthetics but most importantly to create clear, concise messaging on our site.  We were really pleased with the combination of technical know-how and messaging skills provided by Twin City Web Solutions.”

Dan Sims