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KeraNetics: A Digital Strategy Project

We have partnered with KeraNetics to provide comprehensive digital strategy services. The work has been both challenging and richly rewarding. We have enjoyed having an opportunity to provide services and support to this local, Winston-Salem small business.

Website Design & Development

Twin City Web Solutions developed and designed a new biotech and medical website for KeraNetics. Website capabilities include a data analytics dashboard, a user registration system for medical professionals and patients, and a prescription medicine sample request portal.

Content Management

We manage the rollout of new medical information for patients and medical professionals on the KeraNetics website. Content management for a biotech or medical website requires attention to detail and precision due to the regulatory nature of the medical industry. This can require restricting access to certain content for medical professionals and others in the medical industry.

Data Analytics

Twin City Web Solutions performs data analytics on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to help KeraNetics understand trends for biotech and medical websites so that they can remain competitive.

Marketing Strategy & Planning and Messaging

We helped develop a comprehensive marketing plan for KeraNetics. We also consult with KeraNetics to draft new copy and messaging for the website and social media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Twin City Web Solutions optimizes the KeraNetics website for SEO on an ongoing basis. This includes researching keyword strategies, web page tagging, and content development.

KeraNetics: A Digital Strategy Project

Founded in 2008, KeraNetics™ delivers transformative keratin-based solutions to support injured or compromised skin and other tissues. Notably, they are on a mission to improve the quality of care for patients suffering from breast cancer.