KeraNetics: Social Media Management

The Challenge and Our Approach

KeraNetics needed to increase awareness of its brand and products, especially consumer awareness of KeraStat Cream as a medical option. Due to FDA and FCC regulations, developing a consumer-focused social media campaign for KeraStat Cream was tricky. We partnered with KeraNetics to define a schedule, post frequency, and other campaign parameters, including incredibly specific language requirements. The key to our creative approach was to let images speak for themselves instead of relying on technical medical language that could confuse consumers.

Pharmaceuticals and Social Media Management

Social media management in the pharmaceutical industry is complex. The FDA and FCC enforce a variety of regulations that impact marketing efforts, including customer data collection, ad targeting, social media targeting, messaging, and copy strategy. Going into a social media management project with KeraNetics required careful planning and coordination, as well as drafting an incredibly specific style guide. Creative content had to comply with FDA regulations while data collection and targeted social media posts needed to comply with specific FCC regulations for pharmaceuticals.

The Results, According to the Data

TCWS managed social media for KeraNetics over a four-month period in 2022. We measured consumer brand awareness through monthly post reach on Facebook and social media referrals to the KeraNetics website. On average, total reach increased by 720% each month and organic reach increased by 478%. Social media referrals to the website increased by over 90% during this period. The data show that our campaign achieved positive results for KeraNetics and successfully increased brand awareness.

KeraNetics: Social Media Management

TCWS increased brand awareness of KeraNetics and KeraStat cream, as measured by an average monthly increase of 720% in social media post reach over a four-month period in 2022.